We arrange and pay for bed and breakfast, one night at a time, for clients who have been referred to us by our voluntary sector partner agencies.

The average length of stay is only two nights, but this gives both client and agency a bit of breathing space and time to seek other solutions.  In particularly complex cases, we are able to offer more than two nights.

Here are some of our client's stories, showing how StopGap has helped them.

Andy was referred to StopGap by one of the nightly soup runs in Sheffield. He had been sleeping rough in a disused school building for some time.  After losing his job, he was thrown out by his partner - who remained in the family home with

their children.  Andy wanted to stay nearby so that he could see his children on their way to and from school.  Without an address of his own, he was forbidden access to them by the Courts.

After just one night in StopGap accommodation, which gave him a shower and laundry facilities, in addition to a good nights sleep and a cooked breakfast, Andy gained the confidence to apply to the Sheffield City Council for housing.  

In due course this was successful, and Andy managed to establish his own home and eventually regain regular access to his children.

Brian had lost his job and subsequently had fallen into rent arrears.  He was referred to StopGap by one of the Day Centres that work with homeless people in the City.

After a couple of nights in a warm bed, the Welfare Officer at the Centre was able to find him supported accommodation at Emmaus Sheffield, where Brian is now said to be doing well.

He has regular work, and is making friends with some of the other residents.

Christina found herself in a desperate situation when her partner suddenly became very aggressive towards her.  

She had come with him to England from Bulgaria after he got a UK work permit.

Being from Bulgaria, Christina was not able to access public funds, and so she was not eligible for help in a refuge for victims of domestic violence.

When homelessness seemed like a certainty, StopGap was the only organisation in Sheffield who was able and willing to keep her safe and off the streets while longer term arrangements could be made.

These are just some of the examples of our client success stories- there are so many other similar cases.


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